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We have sold thousands of home DNA test kits! 
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QUESTIONS?  Call toll free (888) 875-7574 or (817) 283-6379


The standard DNA home test kit cost $280 + $15 S/H 
Price includes the kit, DNA analysis, and reporting of the results.

All testing is done by a nationally known and AABB accredited laboratory!


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Inexpensive Home Test Kit Information
(No Needles)


"Swift Response" Home DNA Test Kit

The "Swift Response" home based DNA test kit was developed to provide individuals with an easy yet reliable method of resolving genetic questions and issues.  In the convenience of your own home you can collect a buccal swab sample (cotton swab used to collect the sample from inside the cheek) from which DNA can be analyzed.  It's that easy!


All testing is performed by an accredited laboratory in accordance with the standards set forth by the Parentage Committee of the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). The AABB inspects and accredits paternity testing laboratories based on the standards adopted and agreed upon by the Parentage Committee.


The results of the test are reported as a Letter of Opinion, however, due to the inability to verify the chain of custody, results from the test are normally not admissible in a court of law.  See further explanations to use the "Swift Response" results in a court of law.


The chain of custody refers to the various chain of "hands" that the individual sample passes through.  A legal chain of custody requires the samples to be collected in the presence of a third neutral party at a lab, clinic, or hospital facility where all parties have their identity verified.  


The "Swift Response" kit can provide the legal "Chain of Custody" forms to obtain a test result that can be admissible in a legal court.  This will require that you arrange for a third, disinterested party to witness and supervise the specimen collection, packaging, and mailing.  For the best chance of having your judge accept the results, the samples should be collected in the presence of a third neutral party at a lab, clinic, or hospital facility.   Expert witness testimony by a lab consultant is available at an additional charge.  Contact your attorney for additional information. Please order this kit by selecting this link.


There are no guarantees that the results of this test will be court admissible.  To date, when the instructions have been properly followed, all attempts to use the "Swift Response" results in a court of law have been accepted.  


If you need a formal "Chain of Custody" court admissible test, please fill out this form. A case manager will contact you to set up your appointments at a facility near you.  The cost of this test is $450.00 plus $25 per person collection fees. You can order also online at this link.


Reasons to have home DNA testing:

Am I or is he really the father (fatherhood)?  This is the most common test referred as the paternity test.

Are my children identical twins (Identical Vs Fraternal)?

Establishing maternity or non-maternity (motherhood).

Are we siblings (brother's, sister's)?  Results report the percentage of probability of your relationship.  If you know that you are from the same Mother then a 50% response (half siblings) would indicate that you have different Fathers and 98% would indicate that you have the same father (full siblings). Results can vary from .001 (no relationship) to 99% (full sibling).

Are we the Grandparents of the child?  Results report the percentage of probability of your relationship.  Results vary and include lab consultation upon completion of the results.

Obtain the DNA type for a child to have a record in case of a kidnapping, accident, or disappearance.

Individual DNA typing for personal knowledge and/or future conclusive identification needs.


3 Steps to purchase the home DNA test kit online:

Select the order button in the shopping cart (below) to process your credit card information. Or use this form to mail a money order or cashiers check.  
Follow the instructions included with the kit. Mail the kit to the testing facility in the prepaid return mailer.

Results average 5-8 business days and will be provided by mail, email or fax.  Need faster results? "click here" for more home DNA test kit order options.


NOTICE! Alaska and Hawaii orders are shipped by Priority Mail.

Home DNA Test Price Information

All testing is done by a nationally known and AABB accredited laboratory!

Our Credit Card Server is Secure!

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX Accepted, Checks by Phone.

If you are paying by cashiers check or money order, instructions will be provided when you process your order.

QUESTIONS?  Call toll free (888) 875-7574 or (817) 283-6379

Test Samples Needed From Part No. Cost Order

Single Kit

Sales Tax Applies to all kits shipped to TX 
Paternity Case Mother, Child, Alleged Father  EAP-101 $280.00

Motherless Paternity Child, Alleged Father Only EAML-101 $280.00

Maternity Study Mother, Child EAM-101 $280.00

Grandparent Study Alleged Father's Grandparents, Grandchild EAG-101 $360.00

Twin Study 2 Persons (children or adults) EAT-101 $280.00

DNA Identification One Person EAI-101 $280.00

Dual study (2 reports) 1 Alleged Father, 2 Children



Dual study (2 reports) 2 Alleged Fathers, 1 Child



Sibling Study 2 siblings (sib-ship test)
Mother if available



Note 1.  Individuals in different locations should collect their samples within 3 weeks of one another.
Note 2.  Price includes the kit, DNA analysis, and reporting of the results. Applicable taxes and shipping will be added upon processing out.  Shipping is $15.00 for all orders.  Incorrect shipping addresses will result in additional charges.
Note 3:  Kits are in stock and will be shipped by Airborne Express or FedEx.  Orders using a P.O. Box will be shipped by priority mail.
Note 5:  If you have specific questions, please email us at The kit supplies easy to follow instructions.
Note 6:  Results are normally not court admissible due to chain of custody.  


Overnight Service

To change your domestic (48 states) order to our fastest processing time including overnight delivery, select the order button below.  
Your total shipping cost will be $20.00.  
Do not select this option if we are shipping to a PO box.


Overnight Service




If you order on Friday and want overnight delivery, the cost for Saturday delivery by FedEx is an additional $17.50  
Use this button to pay for overnight shipping with Saturday delivery.



Overnight for Saturday Delivery



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